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31 July 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Chocolate Kisses, a Hush Sound FanFic  

Title: Chocolate Kisses


Author: jack_is_love17


Disclaimer: I don’t know the Hush Sound or am in anyway shape or form affiliated with the band. I met them at a concert once and that’s about the extent of our non-exsistant relationship. I don’t know where they live in Chicago so this is all guess work…


Characters/pairings: Bob/Greta, with mentions of Brendon Urie and Patrick Stump.


Word Count: 1,139

Rating/Warning: K+, mild swearing...and ultiamtely loads of fluff....


Summary: Bob and Greta go shopping in Chicago.


Dedicated to:




A/N- This is my first proper attempt at bandom, I hope you all like it. :D



Bob was sitting in the backyard, a guitar in hand, and his face was screwed up in concentration. He was studying the sheet music for the song ‘Hey Jude’ and was growing more and more frustrated by the minute.

Then without warning he simply kicked the music stand over, sending papers and pencil’s flying.


“Trouble?” a voice asked from the sliding doors of the house.


Bob looked up from the mess he had just made and saw Greta, standing in the doorway, a small smile, creasing her lips.


“I can’t get my fingers to go on the right chords. It’s very frustrating,” he complained in response.


Greta walked over, she picked up the scattered sheet music and pencils, and held her had out for Bob’s, “Let’s go for a walk. Get away from the music for a bit.”


He looked at the hand apprehensively.


“Robert Morris you know I don’t bite, now come on!” Greta fussed.


Finally he smiled at her and took her hand. They walked up the street and with every passing second they grew closer to the city’s shopping district.


“So did my mom let you in or something?” Bob asked, though he already knew the answer.


“You know full well that I have been letting myself into your house since I was fifteen,” she smiled again and with that her hand slipped into his.


Bob smiled himself, “Just checking…” he paused, “So where are we going?”


Greta looked around, “Let’s go to the water tower…see what is going on in the shops.”


They walked two blocks as they had done so many times in the past until the shops finally came into view.


“Fancy a chocolate?” Bob asked, eying the Hershey’s store and the woman standing just beyond it, offering free samples.


 “Free chocolate is all I live for Bob…or didn’t you know that?”


He grinned and they ran into the Hershey’s store like little children.


The clerk with the bucket of candy smiled, “Would you like a-“


“Yeah please,” Bob replied, cutting the woman off and taking two kisses from her, “Thanks.”


The couple walked off and popped the candies into their mouths.


“Oh that’s cute,” Greta mused, holding up a brown teddy bear wearing an orange sweatshirt with the Reece’s logo written in yellow.


Bob watched her for a moment while she stared at the teddy and then continued to the next sales rack.


A few minutes passed and they left the store, only to go across the street to the Ghirardelli store.


They received their free samples of chocolate and looked around for a moment before leaving.


Eventually they caught the bus that would pass right by Bob’s street.


They took two seats side by side and the next thing Bob knew, Greta’s head was resting on his shoulder. He slowly slipped his arm around her and they were silent for a moment.


“What about that one?” Greta asked suddenly.


Bob followed her gaze to an overweight man who looked incredibly depressed. A smile crossed his lips…it was an old game they had invented long ago. They pick random people on the bus, subway, or on the street and make up stories for them.


“His wife left and the dog ran away,” he said simply.


“That’s awful!” she fussed but then giggled, “How do you know he’s married?”


“Wedding band Gert,” Bob said, stating the obvious.


She looked and sure enough, spied a gold band on the man’s fat ring finger, “Good eye,” she paused for a moment, “And don’t ever call me Gert again or I’ll make you pay.”


Bob rolled his eyes at the seemingly empty threat, “It’s your turn.”


The girl scowled and looked at the people on the bus, she pointed to a group of teenagers, “They wish MTV would die and stop playing stuff by crap bands,” she said.


Bob thought for a moment, “MTV plays stuff by our friends…like Patrick and Brendon.”


“Well yeah but those teenagers think Panic and Fall out Boy sucks,” she reasoned.


He frowned, “Greta their wearing ‘Reinvent Love’ shirts.”


She looked closer and saw they were, “Oh…indeed…” she looked uncomfortable.


“Fail Greta…you really suck at this game.”


“I can’t fail!” she fussed, “I invented it!!”


“That’s even funnier…because you came up with the game and yet you suck.”


Greta frowned and the frown stayed there until they made it to Bob’s house. They made their goodbyes and Greta walked home.


Bob himself frowned as he walked inside.


“Did you have fun in the city?” his mother asked.


“Mom…what do I do when I make a girl mad at me?” he replied.


“Flowers…and some little gift, always works.” His mother looked closer at her son, “Did you and Greta fight?”


“No…I think I just pissed her off.”


“Buy her some flowers dear, it’ll work.”


Bob nodded before trudging upstairs to his room.


The next morning Greta was called downstairs by her mom. A man was standing in the door way, holding a large bouquet of flowers and a small gift box in his other hand, “These are for you Miss. Salpeter.”


“Who from?” Greta asked, taking the flowers and smelling the single large magnolia in the bunch and already knowing who they were from.


“A Mr. Morris.”


Greta smiled, taking the gift box, “Thanks.”


The man tipped his hat to her while Mrs. Salpeter signed for the flowers and then he left.


The women carried the flowers into the kitchen, Greta looked at everything and pulled the card out, and in a hurried scrawl it read ‘Sorry for being an asshole yesterday. Love, Bob.’


Greta smiled, set the card down and opened the gift box. Inside wrapped up in chocolate brown tissue paper was the teddy bear from the day before. She took in a deep breath of the bear, smelling the chocolate coming off of it.


“Aw isn’t he sweet.” Her mother fussed, looking at the bear.


Greta set it down on the counter, “I’ll be back.”


She turned and ran to the front door and started running towards Bob’s house, despite the fact that she had forgotten her shoes.


When she arrived about five minutes later, she heard guitar music coming from the backyard and she ran right on through.


Bob looked up at her sudden appearance, “Greta…are you okay?” he asked, standing up and going towards her.


She laughed, “The flowers are beautiful, thank you.” And with that she pulled his lips to hers.


He made a noise of muffled shock but continued the kiss.


Finally they pulled part.


“Does that mean I’m forgiven?” Bob asked in a breathless voice.


She giggled and Bob smiled, “Of course you dummy…you should know by now that I can’t stay mad at you…especially when you buy me adorable teddy bears.”


“Yeah?” Bob asked happily.


She smiled, “Yeah.”


And she kissed him again…
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Music: Too Much in Love to Care, John Barrowman