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27 October 2009 @ 04:53 pm
Cobras and Their Toys a One Shot  

Title: Cobras and Their Toys


By: Me


Beta: shattered_ink


Dedicated to: 


isuzuchan44 (I really hope you like this story babe! :D))

Word Count: 632

Pairing: Gabe/Victoria

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I don't know the cobras. This never happened as far as I'm concerned.



Prompt: Gabe/Victoria-Fancy Car (I tried my best with a fancy car...lol)


Summary: Gabe goes out and makes the DeLorean cobra-licious.


A/N- Mwah I finished this last night and I'm quite pleased with it. Please review. I have a Pete/Ashlee story coming soon. When you do review feel free to leave me some prompts. Because they are all I live for....just no slash! :D

It's early when Victoria has to wake up-far too early in her opinion. They had just gotten back from tour. Usually it was Gabe who slept all day, leaving her to wake him up. But today, it was different. Gabe was shouting at Victoria that she needed to get out of the bed they shared.

“Gabe, come back to bed. We were just on a two month long tour. I want to enjoy my bed.” She turned on her side, contented when she felt Gizmo beside her.

Gabe crawled back into the bed, wrapping his arm around her waist. “I'm not going to be able to fall back asleep. I've already had a Red Bull today.”

Victoria glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. “Gabe, it's ten AM. You're already hitting up the heavy duty caffeine?”

He kissed her lightly on the ear. “I went out this morning. We needed some groceries. And then I stopped at this car dealership.”

Victoria turned and looked at him. “Why?”

“Well, because I saw a car. I wanted to go look at it.”

“Please tell me you didn't buy a new car.”

“Oh, no, but I did get an idea for the DeLorean. So I took it and got some work done on it.”

“Gabe, there was nothing wrong with the DeLorean.”

“But it needed to be Cobra-fied.”

She frowned. “What did you do?”

“Come outside. I'll show you.”

She pulled the covers off of her bed. Gizmo jumped off the bed and went for the kitchen. Victoria grabbed Gabe's purple robe off of the couch in their bedroom because it was the closest thing. She slipped her feet into slippers and followed Gabe outside.

The DeLorean didn't look all that different. Except it now had a gold cobra on hood as an ornament, similar to the one from Nate's drum set, and it now had purple hub caps.

“I can't believe you did that to the car.” She paused a moment. “Oh, who am I kidding. This is you we're talking about.”

“You like it?” Gabe asked next, leaning against the car.

“You're such a dork!” Victoria laughed.

Gabe smiled, “You know you like it.”

He opened the doors of the car and Victoria climbed in. The speakers were also purple.
Gabe put the keys in the ignition and 'Kiss my Sass' began to play.

Victoria laughed, “Wow...now there won't ever be a doubt about who is in this car.”

“Look at the back window.”

There was now a sticker on the back that said 'Hot Mess'

“Ryland is going to be so jealous.” Victoria said in response.

Gabe smiled, “I know.”

He showed her some more features the car now had and finally Victoria kissed him on the cheek, “I'm going back inside.”

She climbed out of the car and went back into the apartment. Gabe followed a moment later. By the time he reached the kitchen, he could hear Victoria was in the shower.

Gizmo barked at Gabe. He bent down, picked the dog up and carried him into the living room. He sat down on the sofa. Victoria came out a few minutes later. She was dressed and sat down beside Gabe.

“So what do you want to do today?” she asked him.

“Just thought we'd lounge around.”

Victoria moved closer to him. She relaxed into his arms, her head resting on his chest. “Sounds like a plan ... dork.”

“Just remember I'm your dork,” Gabe murmured into her head.

She grinned. “Always.”

Gizmo curled into Victoria's arms and the three of them made a day of just being together.



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